Programming & Gaming PC build under ₹10000

10K budget gaming pc build

To build a PC under Rs 10000 for programming, editing and gaming, you will need good components. If your budget is 10K, you can build a PC for coding and gaming under Rs 10000. In this low budget coding PC build guide we will explain how you can build PC with Intel CPU, 8GB RAM, SSD, SMPS in just 10K budget in 2024. You can buy these PC components from Amazon India or from your local computer shop.

Programming & Gaming PC configurations under 10000

8GB DDR3 RAM for programming and gaming pc build under 10000

1. Ant Esports 8GB DDR3 RAM

To build a computer under 10K for programming and gaming, we recommend you 8GB DDR3 RAM. You can go for the Ant Esports 690 NEO VS 8GB DDR3 Desktop Memory, featuring a speedy 1600MHz memory speed and 8GB capacity for smooth multitasking. 8GB RAM is good for coding, editing and gaming on low settings. This DDR3 RAM is compatible with Intel 4000 Series and AMD FX Series, it comes with a low CAS latency of 11-11-11-28, stable overclocking support, and costs ₹800 on Amazon India.

Intel core i5 4590 4th gen desktop processor

2. Intel Core i5 4th Gen Processor

For CPU, you can go for Intel i5 CPU. We recommend Intel Core i5 4590 (4th Generation) Processor for programming and gaming. This 4th Gen processor offers robust computing with a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz (turbo boost up to 3.7 GHz). With 4 cores, 4 threads, and a substantial 6 MB Smart Cache, it's the best processor under 3000 Rupees for multitasking. While lacking a CPU fan, it's compatible with the H81 motherboard, striking a balance between performance and affordability. Intel Core i5 processor is good for a budget PC under 10K for coding and gaming purposes. You can buy this Intel processor from your local shop or Amazon India.

Frontech H61 motherboard

3. Frontech H61 Chipset Motherboard

Explore versatility with the FRONTECH H61 Chipset Motherboard, featuring the H61 Express Chipset, 6+4 USB ports, and support for 3 SATA connections. Compatible with i3, i5, i7, and Pentium processors, it supports dual-channel DDR3 memory, offers flexible display and expansion options, and includes essential accessories for a hassle-free installation. Backed by a 2-year warranty, it ensures both reliability and performance for your programming ccomputer setup and this motherboard comes under 2000 rupees.

Finger Gallant PC computer case

4. Finger's Gallant C4 Cabinet

Elevate your workspace with the Finger's Gallant C4 PC Case Cabinet,  this computer cabinet is a modern case to buy under 3000. Rupees. It features a Micro-ATX form factor, Blue Ray LEDs, and a durable chassis. Paired with a high-performance BIS certified SMPS, it ensures efficient ventilation, longevity, and fast assembly. Note: Assembling without proper knowledge is not recommended. So build your PC in guidance of a professional.

Consistent 256GB Solid State Drive

5. Consistent 256GBB SSD

For smooth data transfer and fast loading, you can install a SSD (Solid State Drive) for your work. You can go for the Consistent 2.5" 256GB SSD (CTSSD256S6). It offers fast data transfer at 6Gb/s and has 552/500 MB/s read/write speeds. SSD performs functions fast and work on low power consumption. Suitable for programmers and gamers, it supports ATA modes. A 256GB SSD is best SSD to buy under 1500 rupees. 

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